Books, Book Chapters, and Zines

The Weaponized Camera in the Middle East: Videography, Politics and the Visual in the Israel-Palestine Conflict, Author (forthcoming, Bloomsbury Press, 2020).

“Insurgent Ways of Looking: Gendering the Witness and the Land in the Visuality of Israel-Palestine,” inSocial Media and Social Order, eds. David Herbert, Stefan Fisher-Høyrem, John Boy, Justus Uitermark (forthcoming, de Gruyter Press, 2020) 

Spellwork: Technologies and Conjurings | Living Room Light Exchange Publication 4, Editor (2019).

After the Internet: Living Room Light Exchange Publication 3, Editor + Contributor (2018).

Rituals for Removing Creative Blocks, Author together with Leora Fridman (2018). Available at E.M. Wolfman bookstore in Oakland, CA.

State Change: Living Room Light Exchange Publication 2, Editor + Contributor (2017).

The Future of Work, Author together with Emily Martinez as a commission (V2_Lab for the Unstable Media, 2016). Also available in print.

Living Room Light Exchange Publication 1, Editor + Contributor (2016).

The Everyday Maths, Author (Anomalous Press, 2013).


“Seeing Blocks and Crypto Bros,” Media-N, Journal of the New Media Caucus, Humans Are Underrated: Art & Labor in the Amazon Economy (forthcoming)

A Situation: A Tree in Palestine, Places Journal (01.2020)

The Halos of Devices: The Neo-Nimbus of Electronic Objects, Institute of Network Cultures (INC) Longform (02.2019)

A New Quantified Self: Embodied pedagogy and artistic practice, International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media (01.2019)

Shooting Back at Shooting Back, Harama Magazine, Issue 18: It is Forbidden to Photograph, in Hebrew (10.2017)

Spectral Power, Real Life Magazine (08.2017)

Shooting Back at Shooting Back, Quarterly West, Issue 90, Nonfiction | New Media (03.2017)

The Ghost of Art Spaces: an essay on making work in the shadow of the Oakland Fire, Temporary Art Review (12.2016)

I'd Swipe Right on Yr Metadata, Transart Triennale (06.2016)

Two Days with the Shadowy Emoji Overlords, Rhizome (12.2015)

Between Glorification and Catastrophization, Erev Rav (05.2015), in Hebrew

Emergence in the Social Web, HZ Journal #17 (04.2012)

Column: Flight Pattern on Temporary Art Review

An interview series over a flight of tequila, in collaboration with my east coast correspondent Maggie Ginestra. 2014-present.

Flight Pattern 5 Middle East – Joshua Simon (01.2016), on the potentiality for animals to accrue debt, and capitalism in art more broadly.

Flight Pattern 4W – Morehshin Allahyari (07.2015), on feminism and censorship.

Flight Pattern 3W – Valerie Leavy (04.2015), on death and permissionlessness.

Flight Pattern 2W – Heidi Rabben (01.2015), a curator's take on public libraries.

Flight Pattern 1W – Fictilis (11.2014), particularly notable for the discussion of bank heists.


Three Rituals for Removing Creative Blocks, The Concept Bank Pays Out (Award), theconceptbank.org (co-written with Leora Fridman and Emily Martinez), 02.2016

Lonely, The Concept Bank, theconceptbank.org, 01.2015

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