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01.2017 | KQED Arts feature on my upcoming show at YBCA, San Francisco, CA

As part of a fellowship program at YBCA, Bay Area architects Kelly Gregory and Brett Snyder and new media artist Liat Berdugo are on a creative quest to find answers to the question: “Can we design freedom?”


06.2016The Internet Bedroom, Print Screen Festival, Holon, Israel + online

Let's have a sleepover on the Internet! I'm curating the brilliant IDPW into this year's #relaxationmachine exhibit at Print Screen. The internet is like a roaring noon 24 hours a day. Why don’t we change a chatroom into a bedroom for our sleep?  


06.2016 Print Screen Up Close, Holon, Israel

I will be giving an artist talk in this stream held in collaboration with Ars Electronica, the biggest art and technology festival in the world. Hosted by Michael Badics and Kathrin Meyer.


06.2016 | #relaxationmachine, Print Screen, Holon, Israel

I am curating a special exhibition for Print Screen festival this year, asking: what is the relationship between technology and relaxation -- between technology and sleep, even? How do our dreams relate to the divinations and future-looking inclinations of the technological landscape? How does technology create new sources of pleasure and relaxation, while at the same time denying these in the name of productivity? 

This exhibition is made possible with a grant from Asylum Arts Foundation, and through partnerships with NewHive and the Yamaguchi Center for Arts + Media.


06.2016 | Unpatentable Multitouch Aerobics, FILTER#166SPEKTRUM, Berlin, Germany

I made a new aerobics tutorial for FILTER, a conceptual sound art series by ZONA DYNAMIC collective in Berlin. The collective tracked the aerobic movements of participants, and translated it into sound, creating an ongoing ritual and soundscape.


06.2016 | The Trouble with Remuneration, West Space, Melbourne, Australia

My work, The Original Zoom, appears in this show, open June 16 through July 9th. I am honored to appear beside artists I admire -- such as Chris Burden -- in this show that explores the variety of ways in which artists and their work interact with capital.


06.2016 | I'd Swipe Right On Yr Metadata, Transart Triennale

I have a new essay out in conversation with the Transart Triennale on metadata and post-sovereign identity. When you get close to another, where is it that you end and someone else begins?


05.2016 | #18 Immersive Media, Lea + The Internet Podcast

I guest-host episode 18 of Lea Devon Sorrentino's podcast, Lea + The Internet. We dissect the impact of virtual reality and immersive media on our minds, hearts and bodies. The world is shifting from people performing in front of devices to people performing for devices. We discuss the concept of this proposed new medium and the unpredictability of VR combined with the limitations of current reality. 


05.2015 | Living Room Light Exchange Publication 1

The Living Room Light Exchange Publication is now out! Contributors: Jeremiah Barber, Liat Berdugo, Kevin Chen, Paul Clipson, Christina Corfield, Robb Godshaw, Laura Hyunjhee Kim, James David Li, Wei Li, Rose Linke, Chip Lord, Charlie Macquarie, Emily Martinez, Margaret McCarthy, Elisabeth Nicula, Nicholas O'Brien, Jenny Odell, Rebecca Ora, Andy Puls, Ingrid Rojas, Dorothy Santos, Tara Shi, Natalie Sims, Elia Vargas, and Joe Veix. 

Available for purchase online.


05.2016 | Im(print): USF Senior Thesis Show, SOMArts, San Francisco, CA

I'm proud of my design students at the University of San Francisco, who will be installing their senior thesis show at SOMArts gallery. The Department of Art + Architecture at the University of San Francisco presents Im(print), an exhibition of BA thesis projects from students in the Design and Fine Arts programs. The show is open May 14-20, 12-5 pm. Opening reception on Thursday, May 19, 6-9 pm.


05.2016 | No Such Thing As a Fish Podcast, #113

Strange + hilarious to hear my unicode emoji article discussed on a British comedy podcast, No Such Thing as a -- start at minute 33!


05.2016 | Article in Afterimage on Unpatentable Multitouch Aerobics at Transmediale

Critic Andrea Liu (Goldsmiths) wrote essay on Transmediale featuring my work,  Unpatentable Multitouch Aerobics. You can read it online here, or look at the entire journal volume here.


05.2016 | Massive Open Online Unpatentable Multitouch Aerobics class for Flee Immediately v.02

For the launch of Flee Immediately v.02: Dance + Code, I led a live, massive open online unpatentable multitouch aerobics class. I loved the hygienic, virtual meeting software framework that enclosed the event.

The aerobics is also part of the new issue of Flee Immediately, with a gif-filled page you can get your fill of here.


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